About Me

       My name is Luke Koltun, and am studying Information Studies or also known as Computer Science. I'm really interested in the development of websites and have more experience than most of my age and want to continue to expand on my skills in web development, server management, and networking. I want to go into this career because I enjoy the process of coding and the elements that follow it. Technology is always getting improved, there is never too much to learn. I'm overly excited to begin this course and the ones that follow.
        At high school & other opportunities given, I've been able to learn the basics for understating and coding in HTML, CSS, C++, JAVA, and PHP, and have acquired many certifications including networking & security fundamentals. I've worked as an I.T assistant at a school district, and currently work as an employee at Einstein Bagel Bros. I spend most my free time either working on side projects, or time with friends.